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Baby Jesus


Baby Jesus was written to commemorate the second Christian millennium and was first performed in Prague as part of the city's Advent Festival in December 2000.

While Baby Jesus contains within it the music of Silent Night, it is a composition, not an arrangement. The role of the carol is similar to that of the chorale in a Bach chorale fantasy, such as Jesu, joy of man's desiring and Sleepers wake!

The piece starts as a simple dialogue between a group of children and their teacher, set at the historic scene of Christ's birth. As the dialogue evolves, the chorus tells the story of the nativity in flowing counterpoint, weaving phrases from Silent Night into the texture.

Baby Jesus is designed for everybody at a carol service to take part: junior choir, vicar or minister or Sunday School leader, etc, and senior choir, with, finally, the congregation singing the last verse of Silent Night. It can be performed with simpler resources, if preferred.

To listen to an excerpt of Baby Jesus click here.

To view a sample of the sheet music click here.

If you don't have the necessary software, you will need to install RealPlayer and/or Acrobat Reader.

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